• Wooden Cutlery

    Wooden Cutlery (4)

    Our wood cutlery and French fry forks are made from sustainably managed birchwood. Home compostable and will biodegrade without harming or polluting the environment. A great alternative to plastics products.
  • Compostable CPLA Cutlery

    Compostable CPLA Cutlery (11)

    Our CPLA cutlery is made from plant-based PLA which is derived from a sustainable and renewable resource. It is high-heat resistible and suitable for food and liquids up to 90℃. Our CPLA cutlery is BPA-free and certified compostable, it will compost within 180 days in a commercial composting facility. Made from 100% renewable resources Certified Compostable Crystalized formulation adds strength and heat…
  • BIO Paper Cutlery

    BIO Paper Cutlery (1)

    Our Bio Paper Cutlery are made from 100% renewable raw materials,  they are eco-friendly and very strong, a great alternative to traditional plastic cutlery.   Compostable , Sustainable and Recyclable